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What is an Erc721?

Simply put, an ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment and there are various types of ERC standards. One of them is the ERC721. Also known as The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standard, an ERC721 is used to identify someone or something in a unique way.

How can I check if something is an ERC721?

Submit the contract address and token ID in the form and several checks will run to determine if it is an ERC721.

Are there other ERC standards?

Of course! Other popular standards include ERC20, ERC1155 and many others!

Contract Checks

Is the contract ERC-165 compliant?

An ERC standard that detects how interfaces are identified

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Is the Contract ERC 721 compliant?

A check to confirm this is an NFT

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ERC 721 Checks

Does it have a total supply?

The total supply of the NFT contract

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Does it have a name?

The name of the Token

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Does it have a symbol?

The Token's symbol

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Does it have a valid Token URI?

The Token's URI that contains an object with data of the NFT (name, traits, etc.)

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Who is the owner of the NFT?

The owner of the Token

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Is ERC721Metadata compliant (Optional)

An optional check that looks for certain keys in the JSON metadata (name, desc, image)

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